Holy Week at Home

Holy Thursday

Gospel: Jn 13:1-15

Pro-Life Prayer: Heavenly Father, Jesus sacrificed His body for our sake, that we might have life. So too do our mothers sacrifice their bodies to give us life. Please bless all mothers and help those who are pregnant to see the beautiful gift of the life within their womb.


Art: Monstrance Art (directions)

Activity: Washing Feet – Just as Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, so too are we called to serve others and wash their feet. If you do not go to a Holy Thursday Mass, consider doing a foot washing at home.

Video (for older children): The Veil Removed – I love this video, but it does get a bit graphic with blood dripping from Jesus’s feet into the chalice. We rewatch it as a family all the time. Special Pro-Life Moment: The one woman has a guardian angel on each side of her, one is hers, one is the baby in her womb’s angel!

Window Display

Phrase: This is My body, Given up for you

Displayed Art: Monstrance Art or Eucharist coloring page (here is one)

Canvas Gift Set

Holy Thursday: Wheat and Grapes

We used purple fingerprints for the grapes and tan fingerprints for the wheat.

The rest of the details were done by me. (Grape leaves & vine, wheat stems & spikes)

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