Holy Week at Home

Palm Sunday

Gospel: Mk 11:1-10 or Jn 12:12-16

Pro-Life Prayer: Heavenly Father, just as Jesus was welcomed joyfully into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, please help all babies be welcomed with joy, especially those who are unexpected.


Coloring: Color & Cut out Palms (find some here)

Activity: Palm Parade – March around the house with your palm branches, welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem!

Window Display

Phrase: Hosanna in the Highest

Displayed Art: Palm Branches from Art

Canvas Gift Set

Palm Sunday: Donkey and Palm Branches

We started with a gray footprint.

Below that, we did a few green handprints.

I then added the donkey’s eye, ears, nose, mouth, & mane.

(Inspiration and more detailed instructions here)

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