Holy Week at Home

Spy Wednesday

Gospel: Mt 26: 14-25

Pro-Life Prayer: Heavenly Father, Judas allowed his greed to overcome him and sold Your son for 30 pieces of silver. Please open the eyes of all of those working against the Culture of Life, especially abortionists and clinic workers. Convert their hearts to life and give them the strength to leave their current roles.


Coloring: Judas’ Money Pouch Printable (Download the coloring page here. See instructions to assemble here. )

Activity: 30 Coin Hunt: Hide 30 coins around the house and have a scavenger hunt to find them. I like to involve my older children by having them be the hiders. Once found, consider donating the coins to a Pro-Life organization, such as a Pregnancy Resource Center or Ablaze for Life!

Window Display

Phrase: They paid him 30 pieces.

Displayed Art: Money Pouch from Art or Image of Money Bag & Coins (here is one)

Canvas Gift Set

Spy Wednesday: Money Bag & Coins

A brown handprint with the fingers closed formed the money bag.

Gray fingerprints represented the coins.

I added a line & bow for the money bag’s string.

(If I did this one again, I would do 30 coins. This was done with a very uncooperative 3 month old.)

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