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Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage

From Lumen Entertainment

When inanimate objects Skiff (the incense boat) and AJ (the aspergillum) test-drive their homemade time machine, it shrinks them to the size of a gnat. After a pregnant lady mistakenly inhales the wannabe time travelers, the two soon encounter an extra-special being dwelling within. Skiff & AJ begin to communicate with, learn about, and start a new friendship with the baby in the womb. Without enough power to launch their ship back to the outside world, Skiff and AJ find themselves stranded. They make plans for a big escape – but to work, it’ll take all they can muster.

Can baby safely deliver them home from their life changing adventure? Embark on a FANTASTIC VOYAGE that’s right under your nose (and left of the spleen)! – Formed

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“It teaches you that everyone’s a person, no matter how small.” – Boy, age 8

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