Pro-Life Experience

Volunteer Needs

Volunteer at Camp

  • 21+ Years Old
  • Stays at Camp Friday Afternoon - Tuesday Night
  • Helps lead a small group of youth
Junior Chaperones
  • 18-20 Years Old
  • At camp Thursday Afternoon Until Late Tuesday Night
  • Arrives at storage Thursday afternoon to help load items for transport
  • Unloads transported Items at UD on Thursday
  • Helps with camp set up Thursday and Friday
  • During camp, helps with background tasks
  • Helps pack up & transport camp items back to storage Tuesday night
Background Staff
  • Any age 18+
  • May stay the entire time or may come for specific activities

Needs Include:

  • Deliver & Serve Pizza Dinner (Friday) and Box Lunch (Saturday)
  • Check In Table Attendants
  • Help transporting camp materials to and from storage on Thursday afternoon and Tuesday night (SE not required)
  • "Take Action" Project Leaders - help set up and run an on site activity 
  • Camp Set Up Thursday Afternoon/Evening and Friday Morning (SE not required)
  • Bed Time Patrol - Comes to camp 10:30pm-1am-ish each day to make sure the teens don't stay up all night chatting - Need at least 1 man and 1 woman each night

Specific Volunteer Roles

We have a few specific roles which we need filled for camp.
Camp Assistant Director
  • Works directly with the Camp Director to plan & put on the Pro-Life Experience
  • Starting immediately, begins working on planning camp programming
  • Is willing to take on a variety of tasks as needed
  • Is willing & able to put in 5-10 hours a week on a volunteer basis
  • Is willing and able to be at the Pro-Life Experience from the morning of Thursday, July 18 - late on Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Helps with wrap up tasks after camp is finished
Service Site Coordinator
  • Contacts local Pro-Life organizations to inquire about our campers visiting their locations for service
  • Keeps database of who has been contacted & their responses
  • Chooses which sites the camp will do service at based on locations, number of students the site can accommodate, camp schedule, and types of organizations available
  • Works with Camp Assistant Director to coordinate times & number of campers for each service site
  • Creates detailed document of service sites, their locations, contact information, & scheduled service times

This position could be done remotely and does not require attendance at camp

Junior Chaperone Coordinator
  • 21+ years old
  • Able & willing to be at the Pro-Life Experience from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday night
  • Beginning in April/May works with Camp Director & Assistant Director in planning for camp
  • Ensures all material goods are purchased & prepared for camp
  • Creates list of responsibilities for Junior Chaperone for camp set up, during camp, and clean up
  • Directs Junior Chaperones during camp
Camp Nurse
  • 21+ years old
  • Able & willing to be at the Pro-Life Experience from Friday morning until Tuesday night
  • Responsible for distributing medication campers have brought to camp (Distribution happens twice a day: AM & PM)
  • Administers first aid as needed
  • Ensures First Aid kit travels with camp whenever we go off campus
  • Keeps camp binder of all medical release forms.

*No Medical Training Required*

If you are interested in helping in one of these roles, please reach out to Camp Director, Maddie Brown at or 214-500-6505

Help Before or After Camp

Before Camp
  • Prep Camp Bags
  • Create Immersive Decor
  • Call Possible Donors/Sponsors
  • Create Pro-Life References
After Camp
  • Inventory leftover supplies
  • Organize photographs
  • Donor Follow Up
  • Compile evaluation comments

If you would like to help before or after camp, please fill out the general volunteer form and note that you would like to help before or after the Pro-Life Experience.

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