Family Resources

Books & Media

These are resources we recommend sharing with your children to promote the Culture of Life.

Some material is not appropriate for all knowledge and maturity levels. We try to note when children need specific knowledge before being exposed to this media. (For example, a child needs to know & understand abortion before reading a book about a mom mourning her abortion.)

While we always encourage talking about all media with your children, you can feel assured that your child will receive a Pro-Life message from this media.

Coming Soon:

Bushel Basket List

These come from a view of the Culture of Death. They contain objectionable content. 

Depending on your family's choices, you may want to make sure your children do not have access to these OR you may want to walk with your child to find the objectionable material and teach the truth so that they see the messages they will encounter in the culture. 
Have a suggestion for either list? Please share it with us!

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